First Morning Kisses

“First kisses are special”, they said
Mine happened in her living room
She….. ever so pretty
Her tousled hair, bushy brows
Hazel eyes, strawberry nose
I watched her silently
Her fingers clasped around my ceramic waist, ticklish
With the butterflies somersaulting inside my stomach
Her lips, smooth as butter
Soft like melting ice cream
Her breath tangled in the mint and clove flavored toothpaste
Before she broke off
And came back…. again
And again, and again and again
Till I could no longer taste the mint in her mouth
It tasted of coffee instead
The coffee that ‘I’ was made to hold
And I love that ‘I’ am the one whom she kisses first
Every morning
And I swear, it still feels like the first.. everytime
All special, so special
Like I am to her, like she is to me
Like our first kiss, you see.

#eleven11poetrychallenge (Day1: poem from the perspective of an inanimate object)


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