After a few years of blissful togetherness
Smeared in equal minutes of laughter and tears
They started looking like ugly blobs of ink
Spattered all over walls.
Conversations had run dry
Parched like desert sands
That were blowing them away
To build walls of words.. “unsaid”

They couldnt remember the last time
Sweet whispers of nothings were spoken
From mouth to ear
Or the last time they had looked at each other
With eyes fiery wth passion…

She needed answers
To his unprecedented coldness
The abrupt outings with anonymous ‘friends’
And mysterious midnight calls.

She needed answers
“Are you cheating on me?” She asks
He looks down.
“Who is the other woman?”
He shrugs his feet.
“You’re leaving me aren’t you?”
He swallows…. hard….

And she got her answer
In the loudest cacophony of disguised silence.

#eleven11poetrychallenge (Day2: poem in the form of conversation between two people)


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