He wished he could bottle them up
But he was battling them instead
His memories made of ethylene
Diaphanous like soap bubbles.

He wished ‘penseives’ were for real
Or at least ‘obliviate’ spells were
Especially since things started getting worse
Than lost directions and misplaced keys
And the number of ‘post it’s he stuck
All around, inside his tiny empty apartment
To ‘remind’ himself of things
And yet…. he would still forget.

But he would still remember
Her long dark hair, brushing along her sides
The soft giggles over inside jokes
And the dimpled cheeks of the starry eyed girl
That he had loved for 30 straight years
Till today.
Despite the geriatrician’s diagnosis
In black, bold letters: “Alzeimer’s”

He still remembered her
And how beautiful she was
The place where she rested
And the tomb where she now lay
In dead silence.

#eleven11poetry challenge (Day 3: A poem that tells a story)


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