Not so ‘sweet’ sixteen

Sixteen, or I’d rather say “sweet” sixteen
A typical girl’s year of carefree giggles
Large girl gangs, endless gossips and harmless attractions

But the girl I know I was during her sixteen
Was a girl struggling to fit in large giggling girl gangs
A girl battling with her identity as a teacher’s kid
In fruitless attempts to stay out of the limelight
A girl who had remained a dorky nerd
Throughout her early teens
Awkwardly sporting the shiniest of braces
That locked up her self consciousness inside her
Tight, with her tied up teeth.
She only gave in to that ‘one’ friend
With whom she shared an uncanny love for ‘Nirvana’
Inside rooms with ‘The man who sold the world’ and ‘lithium’
Playing on loop… the whole day.
Talking about
Unrequited crushes and exaggerated ‘heartbreaks’
And the ‘life lessons’ that their then-naive minds could take in.

When Harry had gotten just a year older than her
When she accompanied him on his quest
Of finding the lost horcruxes
And unconsciously finding hers too.
She took the journey together to the finish line
The journey that had taught her
What school had failed to.
The journey that had taught her
That magic exists, to those who believe
And that was when she had started becoming
A believer, a hopeful.

I’v had my shares of highs and lows
Standing up to expectations; disappointments too sometimes
But I know this girl of 16 years
As a figment of what I have become
Who still lives in me,
As one of those strong bricks
Making up to the wall that I am today.
I still see traces of this 16years old girl reflecting in me
As I walk down the path that has grown grass
For not having walked upon for long
As I recall these memories of sixteen
That seem long lost and forgotten
In the sands of time
With only fragments and pieces making up a story
So faint like weathered prayer flags
Still fluttering, yet standing unfaltered.


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